Jesus tells us "The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields"(Luke10:2NLT) 

Recruiting NOW for March 2019. This missions program is unlike any other in the UK. We are praying that you will join us for 16 weeks of equipping, reaching and winning people to Christ right here in the UK. This program is fast paced and mission focused. It involves taking what is learned in the classroom and activating it immediately in the mission field. We are currently offering 10 full scholarships that include accommodation, food, ground transportation and tuition for the full 16 weeks. If you would like to come and are willing to work & learn along side us click here to register your interest and we will contact you with more details about the application process.

Course Content

We look forward to hosting you for 16 weeks of fast paced missional training and adventure. 

We want to share with you the great opportunities that are available to us everyday to reach people with the life transforming good news of the Kingdom of God. 

This good news is both preached and practical, so expect to be taking giant faith step as we work together to advance the Kingdom of God with the expectation that signs and wonders will accompany us as we GO! 

There will be classroom time as well as opportunities to spend time with different outreach organisations as they come and share their experiences with us and teach us the disciplines necessary to work in the harvest field. For some other class information see below.

Sample Classes

  • Who Am I

    These exciting classes highlight and equip students in their identity in Christ. Reaching in and recognising your identity as a son in Christ is a priority as we reach the world. Who we are and the authority in which we go, makes significant changes to the way in which we engage in the activity of evangelism.

  • Follow Me

    These discipleship classes have been created to equip students with the disciplines necessary in 'Becoming, Being and Making disciples of Christ.'

  • Gospel

    What is the message of the gospel and how is it communicated today. Packed full of examples and tools that can be used in everyday witnessing. This training takes an in depth look through the bible at the gospel message and marries it with effective tools to enable communication.

  • Simple

    These classes equip students with the keys of the gospel, making things simple and removing all the pressures usually associated witnessing. Packed with practical examples and testimonies of people who's lives have been effective in reaching whole communities with the gospel, this training leaves students feeling that they can do ‘it’ and that the harvest is all around.

  • Signs and Wonders

    The ministry of the Kingdom of God with signs and wonders accompanying. The signs and wonders training focuses heavily on the supernatural ministry of the Kingdom of God. In this we take an in depth look at Christ as the King of the Kingdom of heaven. We look at His ministry and his forceful advance of the Kingdom of heaven and the victory that it has over darkness. This is a very practical training. Time is given to moving in and developing spiritual gifts and of course practically outworking the Gospel of the Kingdom as we take it into the streets. Topics covered 1. The Kingdom of God. 2. Spiritual warfare. 3. The ministry of healing.

What does a day look like

Our day begins at 9am every morning. The team gather together and pray and spend at least one hour reading the bible together.

Following this time the team begin either  their practical outreach training or their missions work. This may be running a parents & toddler program, praying for the sick in our healing rooms, going door to door witnessing, administrating new outreach plans for the forthcoming calendar or time in a class room being taught by the leadership team.

After lunch, the team engage in city wide outreaches. This could be grass roots evangelism in a brand new area where the team will work on a strategy to reach the local area for the very first time, or helping established outreaches where additional manpower is needed to support the growth of the work.

In the evenings the team are encouraged to engage in the practical life of the church as well as engage in a social activity that enables them to meet new people. For example students in previous years  have joined gyms, chess clubs, language course and music classes to gain new skills and to reach the harvest in everyday ways.

Weekends are available for students to have some rest, however, the call to outreach is never far away. CSOM students have a great opportunity to be sent around the UK at the request of local churches who have evangelism activities planned and need support. On these occasions the whole team will travel together and are hosted locally for a full weekend. On other occasions individuals in the team will be invited to travel with ministries to preach the gospel or to share in church meetings around the UK, this trips are usually accomplished in a single day..


FREE is a powerful word and we are grateful to all our sponsors, and All Nations Church who host us, for helping us provide this course completely free of change to accepted applicants.

Our heart is that willing workers shouldn't have to pay to go to work but should be cared for and assisted in their efforts. So if you're willing to come and willing to work hard for Jesus we will look to ensuring you are able to do so.

As part of the ongoing growth and maintenance of the school, students will be asked to raise some support to assist future students onto the program.

So what does it cost to be a CSOM student?.

The individual cost for 16 weeks are £2000 per student. This includes : Accommodation (including utilities), food (3 meals a day from a stocked kitchen. Students will be expected to eat together and share meal times) and ground transportation. The support does not cover initial transport to the school or exit costs, nor does it provide 'pocket money'.