Support a willing worker

Cardiff School Of Mission (CSOM) aims to provide free training and equipping of willing workers for the harvest field. Thats why we need your support. 

The most precious commodity we have is time, and those people who desire to come on the CSOM team are willing to sacrifice theirs to serve Jesus in the mission of evangelism. 

They leave careers, education, come out of retirement and nations all to serve fully for 4 months to reach thousands of people with the gospel.

We are looking for individuals and organisations to partner with us to enable them to get on with the work that Jesus has called them to for this season.

The cost for a student to be a part of the CSOM team is £17 per day (£2000 total) for 4 months. 

This cost includes their accommodation and utilities, 3 meals per day, ground transportation and all course materials.

You can support a worker fully or partially, all support is welcome. Please send your support directly to ministries without borders reference CSOM. See below for the relevant banking instructions.

Thank You